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Experts Advise Fussing Over Work Emails At Home Is An Unhealthy Habit


Remember when you were little and your parents came home from work for the night? Did they spend time once home for the day still working? Most likely not, because times certainly were different back then. Family time at home was held as a big deal decades ago, and no one was living in this instant, digital world we all reside in now. No one would dare read emails on their phone during dinnertime, or be up late hours in bed working via laptop on something that could be done in their office during regular business hours.

Now, in 2018, this is the norm. People no longer hold time at home as something sacred that employees should be holding dear. It seems as if now if your boss emails you at 8:30 at night you almost feel too scared not to reply. You could be half way through reading a story to your toddler putting them to bed for the night, and you might find yourself getting up and working instead of what truly should be the priority in your life. What happens if you don’t reply to those emails? Are they still there in the morning? Probably, but most feel as if they will appear to not be vested in their career if they don’t reply, and that is just not ok.

Professor William Becker recently researched this growing issue, and advised WTOP that it can result in anxiety issues, additional health side effects from stress, and destroy your personal relationships at home with your spouse, and your children. Is all that really worth going through your work emails at home? Definitely not, but employees are feeling the pressure of trying to find that work/home life balance more and more each day.

How can you stop the insanity? If it’s you checking the emails at home, then just try your best to cut back on the habit. There is no email worth losing your marriage over. If you have a spouse doing it, then explain to them how you wish they could be more present at home, but tread lightly because they are often feeling the pressure from both their spouse, and their boss.





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