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Experts Advise Getting Date Nights In With Your Spouse Is A Must For Overall Marital Health


Remember the days when you were still courting your now spouse? You couldn’t get enough of each other, and there was always time for special dates. Fast forward a few years, add in a marriage, and maybe a few little ones, and those days of longing to have special dates get pushed to the back of the priority list. It’s through no fault of your own, as being married, holding down careers, and toting kiddos around all day is exhausting. It leaves barely enough time to enjoy a warm meal, much less have time set aside to get all dolled up and hit the town with your spouse. While this lack of date nights is a growing epidemic for millions of couples, experts are saying you must get some private time in with your spouse for the overall health of the relationship.

The trouble is, that while having a date night once a week sounds wonderful, it’s expensive for parents that have young children getting childcare arranged for this to occur. Add in the cost of the actual date event such as dinner, or a show, and it just isn’t in the budget for every couple. So, now what?

Making time to be a couple alone without the children is something that doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Taking a nightly walk around the block when the kids are sleeping can be a nice way to unwind from a busy day. If weather permits, go sit outside at night with a cocktail, put some music on, and discuss your day withe each other. if stress is an issue in the home, then don’t focus on work, finances, or things that went wrong that particular week. Instead, focus on happier things to discuss such as making a bucket list, or top ten things you both want to achieve in the coming year. Making the conversation pleasant is half the battle, as many husbands and boyfriends in relationships say that they loathe date nights because all they do is talk about the kids, or stress they have going on at work, and it ruins the entire day.

Spice up the date by trying something different together, or meeting up with a couple for a fun ballgame, or checking out new restaurants like this date night approved list from Times Union. Just stick to your plans, and make certain that you both commit to making it a regular thing because you both deserve it! Your marriage needs it, and your children need you both to be a strong, loving couple in order to raise them in a healthy, happy environment.





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