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Experts Reveal The Imperativeness Of Teaching Safe Swimming Habits For Children As Young As Possible


While school is nearly finished for the year for millions of children, this can be a tragic season for so many families graving the loss of their child from a recent drowning event. It appears that so many parents falsely assume only babies or toddlers not being watched carefully can fall into a swimming pool and drown, and this is so not the case for many families.

KHOU, a news program in Houston, Texas is urging parents to exercise safe swimming protocol with their little ones by getting them swimming lessons, and always practicing caution around any body of water. Using the popular arm floaties for instance, can often provide a young child with a false sense of security, especially if they end up in deep, moving water. Having an adult or lifeguard at all times watching children is absolutely crucial, this means even in a baby pool at home the child requires nonstop supervision. Kids can get easily tangled in pool cleaning equipment left in a pool, and all pools should be fenced in or have some type of gating around them to avoid any child wandering off and falling inside.

Parents or babysitters should be well versed in CPR for young ones to potentially save their life should they have a water related scare. Having floatation devices ready for use should you need them is also a best practice. Teaching your children to never go near pools, lakes, creeks and so forth without having an adult present is vital. Many little ones think playing a creek for instance is just a harmless activity, but they can fall in and drown a lot easier than most think. KHOU also reported that all it takes is two inches of water and in just a matter of seconds. If that isn’t enough of a warning of how much water can pose a threat to young kids, nothing will be. Please train your children to swim safely, and teach them to steer clear of water/pools without someone they trust with their supervision around just in case.





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