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Experts Warn That Stress Is Directly Linked To Making Poor Decisions


Stress is a part of our daily lives and for all but a lucky few, there is no getting around that fact. Seeing as how the many stress causing factors we encounter are not going anywhere, we have to find ways to deal with it; and this is certainly going to very from person to person. Just as everyone has different stressors in their lives, everyone also tends to find coping with it in a different way as well.

  • The best place to start in the never ending effort to reduce stress is by exercising. Fitness is absolutely, positively, a no brainer for anyone looking to unwind a little, or a lot. The list of physical, emotional, and psychological benefits to being active is endless.  Lose weight, improve your blood flow, increase endorphins, lower blood pressure; the list goes on and on. There is nothing quite like the feeling you get from a good workout so the next time you’ve had a rough day at the office, head to the gym.
  • Get an iPod, crank up the car stereo, put your favorite record on (they still make those right?), get immersed in some good tunes. No matter who you are or what you’re feeling, there is a song out there somewhere that can evoke the opposite and help balance you out. It is a cheap, quick, easy, and convenient way to find some relief from the days stressors.
  • Being as though it is almost always time, or lack thereof, that drives us crazy, it would be wise to address this problem. Take a moment each Sunday to map out a general routine to follow in the coming week. Things almost always end up hectic because we usually just react to the situations that arise, but you may be pleasantly surprised at just how much being proactive can help in this regard. As with anything else, you will get better at this the more you do it and may just end up with a few extra moments each week to relax.
  • Sometimes it is just a little recharge that we need and we are good to go. A nice break in our day to kick back, relax, and totally forget about the world can go a long way. So go out and get that good book you’ve been meaning to read, catch up on some episodes of Breaking Bad, or go to the movies by yourself once in a while.

In a recent article by MIT news, scientists revealed that when the body is in a state of “cost benefit conflict”, or better known as chronic stress to us; that the mind can often be easily led to make poor choices. Hormones for instance are quickly effected when stressed out, and hormonal changes can make you emotionally unstable at times, some patients even reveal that they often feel they cannot control their emotions when they are going through hormonal changes. Combine all of this, and it’s easy to see why so many are suffering with symptoms of chronic stress. Talk with your primary care doctor if you feel that your stress level is getting to be too overwhelming to avoid any major decline in your daily life before it gets to be too much to handle.





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