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Experts Weigh In On How Financial Challenges Can Ruin Your Health


Very few people get to live their lives without ever worrying about money at some point. Be those concerns as a result of not having enough money, or having plenty of it and trying to maintain a lavish lifestyle; finances are incredibly stressful for just about every person in the world, but when does it become so overwhelming that it places your health in harm’s way?

In a recent piece reported by the Denver Post, many people are unaware of the effects that stress can have on their bodies. The article depicts a very grim picture that financial stress is in fact, a massive epidemic. It makes a point to focus on the fact that millions of those suffering from this type of strain don’t ever discuss it, and that often makes the symptoms health wise, much more severe.

Money challenges can cause a slew of health challenges, from aging skin, to high blood pressure, to headaches. Additionally, it can also lead to diabetes, obesity, asthma, depression, arthritis, and anxiety. It is by no means easy for many to just accept their financial situations without suffering some type of short or long term side effects from it.

What can you do to prevent a decline in your health over finances? Experts say just merely taking about it to a friend, coworker, family member, or therapist can start helping the situation. Making realistic financial goals and spending wisely so that you are not living above your means is another method to keep your mind and body clear of living with financial stress. Talk with your partner or spouse on a regular basis about money issues, or how you both foresee your overall finances. Keeping communication open between both parties is the first step to having a healthy financial life. If at any moment changes need to be made, then come together to find a common ground to make a plan that benefits the couple or family’s needs. Perhaps moving into a smaller home, downsizing your spending, or not buying lunch at work everyday are all adjustments that can be made to help sustain better health.


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