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Are False Eyelashes More Hazardous Than Beautiful?


In 2016, there are hundreds of incredible makeup tricks and devices to make your face truly shine and look incredible all day long. Contouring for example, has taken the world by storm by allowing women to cover up lifelong marks, blemishes, or scars. You can even change the shape of your face to make your nose appear thinner, your cheekbones look more pronounced, or make your eyes look brighter and bigger all with some handy work using contouring brushes and a little bit of foundation or powder. Faces can literally be transformed now in record time, and one go to easy trick to get your face red carpet ready, is by using false eyelashes. But, are they causing more harm than good?

False eyelashes have been a huge part of the makeup scene for decades. Some parents use them on their children at beauty pageants, and others just toss them on for special occasions only. Either way, they are commonly purchased at any local drug store, and can be taken off super easy, so it’s no wonder millions of people adore their falsies. The issue comes into speculation when so many are reporting that they experienced health challenges by trying to use them without any makeup knowledge or warnings about the possible side effects that can occur.

For instance, there are tons of ladies that have gone to the emergency room over having swelling, itching, rashes, and a slew of other infectious symptoms all resulting from adverse reactions of eyelash glue. Cheatsheet reported some very telling effects of using the eyelashes on a regular basis that everyone should look into if you use them. Take it a step further by enrolling in a makeup class locally at a community center or college, to really obtain a deeper understanding of how chemicals, and certain makeup products can interfere with your health.





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