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Is Your Favorite Lip Balm Harming Your Health?


With the fall season here, it’s no surprise that millions of tubes of lip balm will be sold in the coming weeks, as the color the temperatures become, the greater need for lip hydration.It’s one oft hose go to items that you always seem to have laying around in your handbag, car, or pockets, and some use their beloved lip balm every single day. While soft lips are strongly desired, some new research has discovered that some lip balm products are potentially harmful.

A French group of consumers recently reported that there are toxic findings inside 10, yes 10 popular lip balm brands! Brands like Carmex classic, and Labello were two of the ten named in the report. Some other brands that unfortunately made the list were Garnier, La Roche Posay, and Yves Rocher. The group who performed the testing; UFC Que-choisir found carcinogenic mineral oils in nearly half of the 21 products. Many of these balms are currently being sold in Australia, the United States, and the UK, which is cause for some serious concern.

Devon Live reported that the balms contained traces of something called mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons, which are extremely dangerous if consumed. As expected, a representative for the balms has said that the findings are completely unfounded, and that lip balms are completely safe. Advising that safety assessors are heavily involved in the whole production process from beginning to end, with the utmost caution being used.

Of course, use at your own risk, but it certainly sheds some light on the topic that lip balms, like numerous other cosmetic products, may contain ingredients that can potentially be harmful for your health. Always be a smart consumer by reading the labels, and doing your own research on any products that you use on your skin and/or body. If at any time, you start to develop any type of side effects that are causing concern, discontinue using the products, and consult with your doctor right away.





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