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FDA Has proposed a Ban For E-Cigs to Minors


It’s about time that the FDA is stepping in when it comes to the 2 billion dollar industry that pumps out nicotine products. They have decided to step in to propose a ban against children being able to purchase and use e-cigs. E-cigs have grown quite popular over the years and if you haven’t already seen them around you will very soon as they are becoming more popular to everyone including non-smokers. Many people have begun using them believing that it is a trendier and safer method of smoking and many believe that they  lose the health risks involved in smoking by using e-cigs. Shockingly enough some non-smokers have jumped on the e-cig train thinking it as the cool new trend without realizing that there is not enough research currently about the effects of “vaping.” E-cigarettes are essentially inhaluable vapour. The e-cig heats up the nicotine and then you inhale the vapour produced from it. They are currently sold everywhere and don’t have any restrictions on them. The good thing about them is they don’t produce the harmful tar that is associated with traditional cigarettes. Many believe there is a lower risk of developing lung cancer and other health conditions by using e-cigs.

What people, especially non-smokers don’t seem to realize is that there is still nicotine in e-cigs so you can still get addicted to the product which really sucks for all those non-smokers out there that stayed away from regular cigarettes to begin with. Which raises the concern of banning e-cigs to children. Currently there are no rules to selling e-cigs to children and the FDA wants to change that. The scary thing about e-cigs is that there is no long term research on the effects of inhaling vapour. It all seems innocence right now but there have already been reported cases of an increase in injuries due to “vaping” with e-cigs.

The FDA has issued a proposal to ban the e-cigarettes for sale to children under the age of 18, they also want to ban free samples being given out as well as e-cigs being sold in vending machines. With all this in place it would ensure the safety of children. They would also require the manufacturing companies to submit all ingredients to the FDA and affix warning labels on them informing the public that they contain nicotine and are addictive. The proposal only goes so far however as there is no ban on advertising towards children or the option of flavoured e-cigs which would be more appealing to an under 18 crowd.

The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids says that although they approve of the proposal they feel it’s not enough protection. They will however support to have the ban approved and then begin working on the fine details later. The FDA has given the public 75 days to respond and comment on the proposal before a decision will be made.





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