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Is There Finally A New Prescription Eczema Cream That Can Put Your Flare Ups To Rest?


You know the feeling when a sudden flare up is about to develop. The itching starts, the red, scaly bumps, the peeling skin, and you know a dreaded eczema attack is about to ensure. Now you have days of the same symptoms to live with and finding a cure is often near an easy task.

The methods to help combat the symptoms of eczema are usually your run of the mill topical creams which can sometimes further irritate the bumps on the skin. Steroids can provide some relief to some patients, but not all. You also have to take into consideration what has caused the recent flare up because certain underlying reasons or other conditions may require a totally different treatment plan. Pregnancy for instance often can result in a spike in hormones which can translate into skin conditions like eczema.

There finally seems to be some relief coming via the form of a prescription medication called “Dupixent” which has shown significant improvement in skin, and in rather quick time too.

The President of the company that produces Dupixent, Dr. George D. Yancopoulos, recently told PR Newswire that the medication has the ability to block what’s known as the “IL-4/IL-13 pathway” which is commonly a cause for this eczema allergic reaction. The company will continue to forge onward aiming to tackle other inflammatory illnesses such as food allergies, asthma, and dermatitis.

If you’re looking to try to find some relief on your own without having to go to the doctor for a prescription, be weary of doing routine tasks that can cause your skin to worsen such as doing dishes, wearing gloves, or lathering lotions all over the bumps. It may seem like putting lotion on it would be beneficial, but often they are loaded with elements that cause eczema to get really bad really quickly. Take with your doctor if you can’t seem to get it under control at home as it tends to only get more intense over time if left untreated.





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