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Finally, Women Have Access To Affordable Birth Control Prescriptions Without Ever Going To A Doctor


It may seem like a hoax, but alas, the millions of ladies seeking birth control pills can have them shipped directly to their home, and without ever leaving the your sofa! How can this be legal? Simple, through the Nurx app that allows patients to build a rapport with a physician, and safely get on birth control.

This may not seem like such a big deal to some, but imagine the thousands of women that have no access to health insurance. Each year there are thousands of unplanned pregnancies occurring all over the country that you may very well be paying for with your taxes. Add in the amount of abortions that take place as well as a result of so many women not having the proper channels to receive birth control to prevent these unplanned pregnancies. Of course absence is always the best way to never have this situation happen to you, but in 2017, that just may not be realistic for some. This app certainly helps control the number of unplanned pregnancies in the future, and can also help just by giving the patient a solid medical foundation with a physician to keep abreast on their health.

Many women also find that taking birth control helps their body in other capacities, such as decreasing painful menstrual cramps, controlling acne, or helping to adjust their hormonal levels just by taking the pill.

According to the Dallas Observer, the team at Nurx has created the app with all of this in mind, and the process seems to be fairly simple to become a patient. It has you upload a photo, and describe in pretty great detail your overall past medical history, as well as what current needs you have. You build communication with your doctor through the app, and soon you are on your way to receiving your contraception in the mail. The cost for these services is rather affordable as well, with fees for uninsured patients coming in at just $15 for the pills, along with free shipping.





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