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Find Out What Actually Happens To Your Body After Having A Baby


Moms are unicorns, period. We all know it, and often at the end of the day we look back at everything we managed to accomplish all whilst not ending up in the emergency room with any of our kiddos and it’s quite a feeling of confidence. We can grow a tiny human being inside our bodies, and even feed it with our body, all nothing short of miraculous. While this is an amazing feeling being a Mama bear, it can be rather life changing for her body both inside and out.

While you may be expecting the whole women gain weight during pregnancy that can be very difficult to lose after the baby chat, that’s not the only thing that happens when you become get onboard with the motherhood journey. Millions of women are reporting that their bodies made changes that they never anticipated, such as their feet changing shape! Yes, that’s correct, your feet can actually change their permanent shape as a result of having a baby. They can become longer, flatter, and wider according to Self Magazine.

It doesn’t end there either, as stretch marks, weight gain, changes in your breasts, and your skin can all have lifelong alterations from becoming a Mom. While some moms have the extreme pleasure of slimming right back down to their pre-pregnant bodies, that just isn’t the case for so many other Mamas. The extra hormones that women have when they are pregnant account for these changes after the delivery takes place. Once the massive decline in hormones takes over, the body starts to adjust, and the effects can be for good.

Many of the changes that occur can be corrected to your specification with surgery, or laser treatments for stretch marks, albeit none of this is necessary, but if a Mom wants to gain some self confidence by having a procedure, then good for her. Otherwise, regardless of the implications that occur after childbirth, you have been given the most precious gift of your own child to treasure and grow with for years to come.





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