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Your Fingernails Can Tell A Lot About You To Others

Do you have a child that always has dirty fingernails? Does it drive you insane? You’re not alone, and in good company as most people notice your hands just as much as they notice face or what you’re wearing. More importantly, they can be a sign of several health conditions that could be brewing internally that you aren’t even aware of.

If you have bumpy nails, or ones with ridges on them it can be as a result of a recent surgery, from some sort of trauma, or due to inflammation inside the body. Often just giving them some time to heal from the inside out is the only way this symptom gets any better. Nails that are bit down really far can often be a sign that you are under too much stress, anxiety, or change going on in your life. Experts recommend that you paint them with a clear gloss or gel to avoid the sensation to chew them. If you suffer from nails that begin to look a yellowish tint, that can be from anything such as liver issues, to smoking, to psoriasis.

Are your nails starting to appear green? You could be living with an infection. Use white vinegar (dilute it first) on them with a cotton ball. If you paint your nails frequently you can expect to see changes in the color of your nails, as over time it can tint them as well as cause them to break or split easier from using acetone.

To get healthy nails, give them break from painting them so often and let them breathe a little bit. If you bite them then try to put something on them to steer clear of constantly chewing on them. Not to mention most look at adults with severely bitten nails as less professional. It just doesn’t look good, and it’s a disgusting habit as your nails collect germs, dirt, and oils all day long and you’re essentially putting everything that you touched all day into your body by biting them. If you have a little one that just can’t stop biting their nails no matter what you try, speak to your family doctor about it as your child may be suffering from anxiety that you aren’t even aware of.

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