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Fitness News: Battle Ropes Gaining Popularity


Flipping the television channels, perhaps you familiar with the new wave in fitness, with athletes around the world waving around those thick, heavy ropes during their exercise routines to get into shape. Known as battle ropes, this exercise tool is quickly becoming a go-to piece of fitness equipment for individuals looking for a good workout, while having a little fun.

Battle ropes can be whipped, slammed, drummed, or dragged. While used in training for sports like MMA, football, lacrosse, and so much more; fitness experts are now saying that this simple tool has gone mainstream within gyms, and included within many workouts for non-athletes looking to spice up their exercise routine.

In fact, according to Rueters who reflected on an April 2015 study, which was published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, a simple 10-minute session with battle ropes can raise an individual’s heart rate and energy to further increase their cardio respiratory fitness.

A trainer, based out of the Washington, D.C. area, author of “Abs Revealed,” and spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise, Jonathan Ross notes that battle ropes not only make for a good workout, but they also help to stimulate one’s mind, with what he refers to as the ‘the grace of the wave’. He goes on to mention that while an individual works out, the battle ropes help to show a person how fast or slow they are moving within their workout. Ross also notes that coordination and your body’s posture are also integrated factors while exercising with battle ropes. Not to mention the caloric burning cardio workout you get while engaging in this unique exercise.

Due to the increase in popularity, the national fitness centers chain, Crunch, has developed group fitness classes that center on battle ropes. These sessions generally include a warm-up, where the class is then broken into teams who compete to keep the ‘rope wave’ moving or flowing the longest.

However, Ross notes that as while these battle ropes are available in a wide range of lengths and diameters; they do require intense shoulder stability and mobility. Therefore it is not recommended for those who have shoulder issues. Still, as with anyone starting a new fitness routine, it is advised and encouraged to consult your family physician before you begin.





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