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Five All-Natural Home Remedies For PMS

Many woman (and those around them) dreads the week before her menstrual cycle is set to begin; feeling bloated, irrational, and suffering from cramps – not to mention being in an all-around foul mood. It’s almost as bad as the week-long event that follows. However, there is some hope (and relief) for females as it relates to their Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) symptoms, and it comes in the form of all-natural home remedies. Below are the best of the best.

  1. More Green Please: As many woman suffer from low iron in general, a study conducted in 2013 proved that upping those leafy greens can have a positive effect on those going through PMS. Plant-based greens such as spinach and green beans are excellent sources of iron, and can help women feel a little less moody when they increase their consumption the week before their period starts.
  2. Just Say ‘No’ To Processed Foods: While women may be craving them the most during PMS, experts agree it is best to refrain. Sugary processed foods can increase a female’s blood sugar, which can enhance their moodiness. Some processed foods also often have a lot of salt, which can also contribute to excessive bloating.
  3. The Sunshine Vitamin: In a study conducted in 2012, women who increased their Vitamin D while heading five days into their menstrual cycles experienced less of that crampy feeling, and decreased their need for over-the-counter medication. In general, Vitamin D is an excellent source to boost an individual’s immune system.
  4. Omegas: Increasing Omega-3 fatty acids during PMS can help decrease cramps, thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of fish oils. They can also keep blood sugar regular, and help with mood swings.
  5. Dandelion Leaf Tea: Tea lovers rejoice! Dandelion leaf tea can help with the weight gain and bloating associated with PMS. It’s important to note, reach for the dandelion leaf, opposed to the dandelion root.

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