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Freezing Eggs in Jerusalem Hospital on The Rise


There are millions of people all over the globe that have been taking advantage of the technical advancements that have been made in an effort to help couples become parents. Fertility challenges are on the rise, with more and more couples seeking the assistance of specialists to give them the incredible opportunity to have their own children when all of their efforts haven’t been successful at home. Infertility is a serious emotional roller coaster that can really have serious mental health implications lasting for years. For many of those who have had success with fertility treatments, it can be the pivotal moment in the couple’s life that makes their house a home.

This type of parental euphoria is precisely what citizens in the Jerusalem area are looking for. The local “Jerusalem Shaare Zedek Medical Center” is offering quite a service to the women of their community, by providing to freeze their eggs for those that are higher in child bearing ages that may not be married yet. This is a massive sign in the change of times for this area, as one can presume Jerusalem is an incredibly religious place. The mere thought of an unwed female freezing her eggs back in the day would have never remotely been fathomed. In 2016, women are getting more choices to not have to eliminate the thought of carrying a child just because they haven’t their life partners yet.

The hospital offering the services also reported to that if the patient requires the egg procedure for any medical reason whatsoever, it will be at no cost to the patient. Medical reasons for possibly needing the procedure would be if someone is going through chemotherapy and are in fear that in the future they may not be able to physically carry their own child, then this would be one way to help facilitate that process when the time comes.


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