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Get Your Feet Ready For Summer With Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment


It’s a beautiful time of year, where showing your feet in sandals and flip flops are a summertime must! While most are happy to frolic about the beach and go poolside with their toes exposed, this can be a daunting task for those living with toenail fungus challenges. The nails become very thick, they turn a yellow, or white color, and can be an embarrassing condition to get through the summer months.

Aside from the look and texture of the nails changing, the condition can also cause the nails to become very itchy. The skin around the nail fungus starts to flake off, and it can make wearing socks and athletic shoes a trying process. The more your feet sweat inside shoes, the worse the itching becomes. Experts say the best tip is to keep your toes dry and out of shoes as much as possible. Wearing flip flops can often be the best cure for your toenail fungus to allow the feet to breathe.

There is also a new form of treatment that could be a huge game changer for those that have been diligently trying to get rid of their toenail challenges, as there is now a laser procedure that can rid you of this condition once and for all! Laser treatment is receiving excellent reviews, and has a 90% success rate.

The treatment is called the “Astanza Revolution Laser”, and it can be utilized for toenail fungus removal, tattoo removal, vascular and pigmented lesion removal, or for skin rejuvenation. Doctors perform the procedure using two different wavelengths, one at 532 nm, and one at 1064 nm; both which are completely safe to use on the skin.

The Astanza company is based in Texas, but PR Newswire has reported you can now find the laser in various spas and medical offices all over the United States and Europe. Contact your local health spa, or dermatologist’s office for further details, and finally wear those summer sandals with confidence this year!





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