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Getting Your Workout In At Night May Not Be That Terrible After All


One would think working out at all, regardless of the time would be beneficial, right? Maybe, maybe not as in previous years everyone was strongly advised that working out at night was a big no-no. But, why?

The reason so many fitness experts have told people to not get their workouts in at night is because your body often doesn’t have adequate time to settle down following the exercise. According to Elite Daily, if you have a proper cool down period after the fitness session then you are in good shape! No more trying to run in your neighborhood at night just an hour before you go to sleep for the night, as it can result in sleeping challenges and potentially ruin the following day for you. Once you don’t get a good night’s sleep the body wants to make up for that loss of energy by eating more. Then your entire nightly fitness routine would totally go down the drain by overeating the next day, which is totally counterproductive. Steer clear of working out too late at night to avoid this.

Instead, experts suggest giving yourself at least two hours prior to going to bed to work out. So if you have to get your calorie burning in after hours, just do it at a time that allows you to cool down and have a proper bedtime ritual such as reading, or meditation. The more you stick to your new time slot, the more your body will understand that this is your new normal and not cause any adjustment issues.

If you have the flexibility to work varying shifts, or to get your exercise in at different times during the week, then mix it up. Do yoga for instance some mornings, but stick to running when you have the time during the afternoons and so forth. Your body loves it when you mix things up and steer clear of living a complacent lifestyle. The most important piece? Just keep moving! The more you stay active, the more you’re bettering yourself.





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