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Should You Be Giving Your Toddler A Daily Vitamin?


Are you like millions of parents that assume your child is getting enough out of their daily meals, and drinks to thrive currently? Surprisingly to some, that just isn’t enough according to a recent article done by the BBC.

They advise that diet alone may not be providing your little one with enough vitamins to ensure their overall health is on the up and up. This is probably not hugely shocking to most, as in 2018 more kids are consuming things like sugary sodas, engird drinks, and grabbing a quick breakfast bar out the door in the morning to school. Kids and parents are rushing the clock each day to get everything done, and often their diets take the hit.

Some recent research was completed in Wales, were they reported that only 30% of parents have received health advice regarding vitamin distribution for their little ones. Of those interviews, some 64% report that they do not give vitamins of any sort to their children, but according to the Department of Health, all kids from 6 months of age to 5 years old should be given a multivitamin at the very least.

The DOH advises that this has always been the standard since way back in the 1990’s, including that even breastfed children should be given a vitamin D supplement from the day they’re born as well. They additionally go on to say that everyone should be taking vitamin D during the winter months, from the lack of sunshine outdoors alone. Those that suffer from seasonal affective disorder for instance greatly benefit from a dose of the super vitamin, and it even has the ability to cure ailments such as depression, back pain, muscular pain, fatigue, and even assist with cancer prevention; all pretty major things anyone would want to fix with a simple vitamin supplement. Visit your local pharmacy shop today, and get on the vitamin bandwagon for your own health, and the health of your kids!





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