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Global Skin Cancer Deaths On The Rise For Men


According to new worldwide analysis, males are dying at an increased rate, versus their female counterparts, when it comes to melanoma; a condition that falls under the skin cancer spectrum.
As per the analysis, in the last thirty years, melanoma deaths in men were higher than women across just over 30 countries; with rates for females either decreasing or stabilizing.

The research focused on 33 established countries in North America, Australia, as well Europe, as it seemed these nations had the most reliable figures.

Dr. Dorothy Yang, part of the study, noted that melanoma mortality trends over the past three decades have risen in most of the countries, and evidence suggests males are less likely to engage in prevention and awareness campaigns when it comes to melanoma; they also aren’t as likely to use protection methods against the sun.

CNN reported that Yang also noted male and female biological differences are being reviewed to figure out if gender disparity contributes to these melanoma deaths. She also stressed that the study was observational, and additional research is needed to understand why there was such a difference when it came to melanoma rates between the genders.

It’s important to note, that the biggest risk around this condition is overexposure when it comes to ultraviolet rays, which can be consumed naturally via the sun, or using tanning beds. While public health has tried to increase awareness when it comes to skin cancer risk factors overall, there continues to be an increase when it comes to melanoma in recent decades, moreover, specifically in populations with fair-skinned individuals.

As per the American Cancer society, approximately 3,330 females in the United States will die due to skin cancer this year, while the estimate for males in the U.S. is just under 6,000.





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