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Gloves While Grocery Shopping Can Help Avoid Bacterial Spread


Living in the COVID-19 pandemic, grocery shopping looks a lot different then pre-coronavirus times. Facial masks have become something that many people don while at the grocery store, and others have turned to gloves as an added measure of protection to stop the spread of the virus.

While some may believe that disposable gloves might be unnecessary, the truth is, they do help to keep germs away, as well as to prevent exposure. In fact, some experts do agree that gloves can offer up an “added layer” of protection against bacteria that can be found on surfaces while at grocery stores. 

Gloves can create a much-needed “buffer zone” between a person’s skin and the potential of virus germs on a counter surface; however, the key to ensuring this added protection is how a person uses gloves while out grocery shopping. If an individual decides to wear gloves, it’s important to refrain from touching your face, or other objects (i.e. mobile phone, glasses) while you are grocery shopping, to ensure the gloves work in protecting you. If you start touching your face, phone (especially when calling someone), etc. – this ‘added layer’ of protection fails miserably. 

While the CDC does recommend wearing gloves when caring for someone who is sick or cleaning, some health experts encourage individuals to wear gloves while out grocery shopping if it does make you feel safer. It’s important to note that the elastic rubber latex gloves are the best to purchase, and while they are not reusable, they are preferred when it comes to avoiding contact with any viruses or bacteria. When using gloves, it’s key to take them off as soon as you are done shopping, and throw them away in the trash. Bacteria sticks on used gloves, which is why it is vital to dispose of them when you are done shopping, and before heading into your car. If you are grocery shopping at multiple stores, ensure to have enough disposable gloves for each location you are entering, and throwing them out in a garbage can after you leave each store.

There is also a proper way to remove your gloves, to ensure zero germs get on your hands while taking them off. For a step-by-step around the proper removal process for gloves, click here.

At the end of the day, if shoppers are conscious around not touching their face or phone while grocery shopping, then gloves can be beneficial and truly add a nice layer of protection. Some experts believe that gloves can also act as visual reminders to stay on course while shopping, and as such, actually help to prevent some people from touching their faces. 

With that said, if there is even the slightest chance that you could misuse gloves while grocery shopping, it may be time to consider ditching them completely, and simply washing your hands or using sanitizer (with a minimum of 60 percent alcohol within) after grocery shopping






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