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Going to the Dentist Becoming More Frightening For Patients


Most people have been going to the dentist since they were young children, and with little to no issues feeling safe there inside the dentist’s care…until now. It seems every day there is yet another story coming forward about a child that was given unnecessary dental work, or a patient that has had their teeth pulled out totally unplanned whilst under anesthesia. All which have zero rational explanations to prove the dentists’ innocence, making it very hard for parents to want to take their little ones to the dentist anymore.

The newest story to hit the press, is about a man from Indiana that was set up to visit his dentist to have four teeth extracted. Four teeth being pulled is no easy feat, therefore, he was put under for the procedure. Upon waking up from the procedure, he realized that he had all of his teeth pulled! The patient, identified as “Donny Grigsby”, has his wife waiting for him to finish the dental work and ended up being there for over 5 hours. Definitely not the common wait time for having teeth pulled. His wife told the local news station that she was demanding answers as to why her husband’s teeth were now all gone. She was told by the dental office that her husband had an infection so they elected to pull all of his teeth to prevent the infection from spreading. Lots of questions. Tons of red flags here.

Mrs. Grigsby reported that upon seeing her spouse after the dentist was finished that he had blood all over him, and his clothing. More importantly, that her husband wasn’t responsive, which is extremely concerning. Some dentists use laughing gas, some use anesthesia, but overall it’s pretty quick and most patients wake up immediately following their procedures. An ambulance was called to take her husband to the hospital, and during his ride in the emergency vehicle there, he coded not once, but twice.

KTLA reports that the patient finally came to and was able to speak, and he advised that when he woke up he had no clothes on, and had no idea why he had no teeth left in his mouth. Very scary. Why in the world would your dentist remove your clothing? Every piece of clothing? There is no medical explanation, and this is exactly why thousands of people are forgoing the dentist, which is terrible for your teeth.

Some tips for patients, and parents of pediatric dental patients:

Not all dentists will require you to leave the room when your child is getting dental work completed. Go with your gut feeling; if you don’t feel comfortable having your child get dental work done without you present, then speak up or find a dentist that will allow you to be present.

To avoid situations such as the aforementioned tragedy, most dental offices will have your sign paperwork depicting what your dental procedures will be in great detail. Ask them all the questions you like, and often they will advise you that should something not look right when they are in there, they will advise a second procedure later down the line. You can also tell them you don’t want your teeth pulled even if it appears there is a problem to avoid something of this nature happening to you.





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