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Governor Andrew Cuomo Advises Flavored Vape Cigarette Products May Be Banned In NY


Many years ago when vape cigarettes first became popular it seemed that millions of people jumped on board to ditch traditional smoking and had truly no idea what, if any, of the health challenges that could potentially arise from vaping.

The state of New York is currently suffering a health crisis that involves the flavor options according to Governor Andrew Cuomo. He’s advised that a ban on all flavor products except menthol and traditional tobacco could potentially be enforced starting in early October. This is as a result of various ailments being diagnosed in patients that utilized this type of smoking

US President Donald Trump put the wheels in motion this week by initiating a temporary ban on flavored products until they were adequately studied for what potential side effects they could be causing. According to the New York Post, “Our destiny is in our own hands and we are taking action.”

“We will review today’s announcement as we strongly agree with the need for aggressive category-wide action on flavored products,” said JUUL employee, Austin Finan. “That is why we already stopped selling our non-tobacco/non-menthol based JUULpods to traditional retail stores, are fighting against counterfeit and compatible products made with unknown ingredients under unknown manufacturing standards, and will fully comply with local laws and the final FDA policy when effective.

Time will soon tell if these measures will be enough in place to start keeping our youth safe from trying these products and mixing them with other street drugs which can often be a deadly combination. As far as the health conditions that can come from smoking with vape products, most would say that the products simply haven’t been on the market long enough to truly tell what can occur after prolonged use. Talk with your teens about vaping and how addictive they can be before it’s too late. 





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