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The Great Debate On The Measles Vaccination Continues As Hundreds Of Cases Are Being Diagnosed


There seems to be no getting away from the debate on vaccinations regardless of where you personally stand on the global issue, but with the rising cases of measles popping up all over the states, the topic is on everyone’s mind if you have little ones. Here’s the thing if you are pro-vaccination, there are certainly several groups of people that are not able to keep up with immunization schedules due to conditions they’re living day to day with such as cancer, or other various immunity compromised ailments. Add to that pregnant women, or those that have had allergic reactions to vaccines in the past, and millions of the elderly that just can’t be immunized and you end up with a huge amount of the population. Then there are those who simply don’t agree with vaccinating their families for a slew of personal reasons, and now we have a national crisis of patients with measles and many are wanting to blame those unvaccinated people for the epidemic.

Wherever you stand on the issue, there will always be uncommon exceptions to the rule. For example, a man recently was reported by Fox News for traveling not knowing he had measles and ended up infecting 39 others. The man was diagnosed with bronchitis, then reported he had begun developing a rash, and was again advised he had just had an allergic reaction. It wasn’t until later on that the man was located and informed that he had measles. Naturally, his reaction was one of great sadness knowing how many public areas he had visited in the past few weeks.

If that isn’t scary enough, now the CDC is telling many adults that even if they’ve had the measles vaccination they could still not be protected. For those born in the 1960’s through 1989 were administered what is now considered only a “partial vaccine” and it may not be string enough to last and ward off the disease. It’s certainly something to speak with your doctor about given all of the cases surfacing now, so keep on the safe side and double check you and your family are as protected as possible.


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