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The Grieving Families Act Introduces Certificates Now To Families That Suffered Miscarriages


Without question, having to go through the many layers of a miscarriage is incredibly tough. Some women go through this in a medical setting, where an OBGYN puts them though the motions of conducting a DNC, and then the female goes home to recover of course. But, for those who’ve endured a miscarriage on their own at home, it can a very emotional time for all involved. The physical pain alone can be gripping, but trying to find some peace in losing a child is one of the hardest challenges to overcome. The state of Florida is doing their part to try to give grieving parents something to have a keepsake of sorts to cherish for years.

Yahoo News reported that Florida has announced they are the first state to distribute certificates that would mimic a birth certificate for parents of miscarried babies. Governor Rick Scott recently signed the bill referred to as “The Grieving Families Act”, that will start issuing the certs as of July 1st upon parental request. The only rules to the act are that the pregnancy must have fallen in the bracket of nine to twenty weeks gestational age to qualify for a certificate.

You’re probably thinking what of the pregnancy is further along than the 20 week age? Well, most in the medical community report those miscarriages are considered to be stillborns, in which the family would still receive a death certificate in those cases.

While this new way of providing a certificate to the parents may not seem like a necessary move to some, it really is a personal choice for the family if they wish to preserve the memory of their baby they lost with a certificate. They say there is nothing harder in life than having to bare the loss of a child, and for those parents-to-be that never got the joy of watching their child grow up, a certificate is the least that can be done to help lessen their emotional strains during this very challenging time.





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