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Heads Up Parents, You Can Drug Test Your Kids For Vaping Now


If you happen to the be the parent of a teenager, this article may be of great value to you if keeping your teens away from drugs and smoking are of great importance to you. Parents years ago didn’t have the tools that you have now to watch over your children for everything from who their friends may be, to their grades in school, to what potential danger they may be placing themselves in.

Decades ago as a parent there was no social media platform to witness all of what your child may be doing outside of the home, good, bad and indifferent. There were no online websites or apps you could visit to check in at any time to see how your child’s grades were doing at school like there are now. No matter what, parents certainly did not have the ability to pick up a test at a drug store and test their kid to see if they have any drug challenges, but in 2019 those tests continue to be more accurate and really give parents a helping hand in parenting.

KDRV recently advised that while some tests in stores have had the ability to check for marijuana, or popular street drugs like cocaine, but now you can test for nicotine! Federal health experts are producing at home tests that would run from $70 to $120 that can test for nicotine. This would include detecting the famous vaping craze, as some of the more popular brands such as “Juul” have been reported as having the equivalent of one entire pack of cigarettes in just one of their cartridges. Do beware that some vape products do not actually contain nicotine, so your child could still be vaping with other products just not ones with nicotine if they get a passing test result.

Additional, if you have a child that resides in a household with smokers, or is with other kids that have been smoking, they can produce a positive result just via second hand smoke exposure. So, while these tests may help loads of parents out with any concerns they may have regarding possible cigarette use, do use with caution as your child’s biggest influence could be you having an open, calm discussion about the importance of steering clear of any and all drug use.





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