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Health Insurance Changes Are Most Anticipated By Trump Taking Office in 2017


If you’re American, odds are at some point in your lifetime you have struggled to have adequate health care coverage, or wanted a plan that just wasn’t affordable. Why is health insurance such a big challenge in the states? The biggest issue is the overwhelming number of people who still don’t have the tools in place to simply go make a routine visit to a family doctor when they’re in need of antibiotics for a run of the mill urinary tract infection. This is a basic need, and something that should be easily accessible at a moment’s notice for all, but sadly, it just isn’t reality.

Obamacare for many was a solution to being an uninsured American that they had been waiting for; some for many years. For others though, the change in healthcare administration was more of a burden than a useful resource. Whatever your opinion is on the matter, there still remains many adults and children alike that even with certain insurance plans in place, still don’t have the means to take care of themselves, or their family’s health needs. Fox News reported that for most across America, Trump taking office shortly means they may see big changes in health coverage, and for them, that’s the biggest thing they want to see unfold in the coming months.

A reported 21% of citizens advise that they are hoping Trump will place the majority of his focus on this very topic. The elected Trump takes his position in office effective January 20th, 2017. The second biggest topic on the minds of Americans eager to see what Presidential Elect Donald Trump can change, is the topic of jobs across the country. Getting people employed full time, possibly addressing the controversial minimum wage issue, and of course, helping businesses grow and continue to provide job openings for thousands of locals. The two interestingly go hand in hand, as if more people are employed full time, they may also be provided with health insurance plans that they desperately need for their families. Soon enough, the world will see what developments having a new President has in store for the United States.





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