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The Health Side Effects From Living As A Hoarder Can Be Fatal


Ever since the A&E network started airing the television show, “Hoarders”, it has greatly expanded the public’s knowledge of the habit. Many had simply no idea that so many lived int his fashion, and are rather shocked when watching the show, which has certainly helped the success of the series. It’s a gripping way to peek into someone else’s life that is living day to day with some form of hoarding mental illness. For many, it’s deeply rooted in some life events that have emotionally drained the person who often never received any therapy for the events, resulting in a hoarding challenge that truly needs to be treated just like any other mental illness. While at first glance, the disorder seems to be an easy fix; just hire a crew to come clean up the residence, the mental attachment to these piles of items means something to the hoarder. If a crew throws most of their things into a trash dumpster, the hoarder could suffer a tremendous mental breakdown. This is why the situation needs to be handled with the utmost care and consideration for the living in the hoarded space, especially if children are involved.

Although to the untrained eye it doesn’t appear that collecting too many things would result in a slew of health side effects, but this is exactly what transpires.

The Frederick News Post reports that some other traits that can be impacted by hoarding medically speaking are, severe anxiety, distress, paranoia, social isolation, marital challenges, financial strains, and severe health hazards such as the high risk of fires, or inhaling chemicals or smells for long periods of time. Many hoarders live in such extreme circumstances being literally engulfed in possessions and trash, that they only have a limited amount of days to clean the home before the city condemn the residence.

If you have a loved one or a friend that is suffering from hoarding, and you are concerned about their health, please encourage them to get help. There are many therapeutic services that are mobile now where they come directly to the house to work with the patient, and get a game plan together to get them back on track to living in a clean, and healthy space.





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