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Is It Healthier To Wear Socks To Sleep At Night?


It’s been a topic of debate for decades; half of the population absolutely loathes wearing socks to bed, and the other half can’t condone sleeping without covering their toes, but what’s the difference? Are there any medical benefits to wearing socks to bed? Most people want to have a little chill in the air to sleep properly, while others struggle to stay warm some nights. It’s down to personal preference, but some medical professionals are suggesting there may be some scientific evidence to sway your nightly decision.

The National Sleep Foundation is recommending that having warm feet and toes just may help your fall asleep faster. Having warm feet induces a process called vasodilation, which is basically the expansion of the blood vessels in your body, and lowers your blood pressure. All good things! It can help so much that the research is revealing many participants fall asleep even fifteen minutes faster than when they didn’t sleep with socks on.

In an article on Yahoo news, it was also reported that wearing socks to bed can additionally be used to combat hot flashes by regulating the body temperature. And for those who have been living with rough, dry, or cracked feet keeping your feet covered with a light layer of moisturizer can often start reversing all of the dry skin damage that has taken over your feet. It sounds like a win-win situation to keep that body heat in your feet and toes, with many medicinal benefits. You can always take the socks off if half way through the night you feel like it’s too warm, but certainly worth a try to see if some of your health challenges are finally over! To make the transition a smooth one, start off with thin socks to not overwhelm your normal sleeping routine, and if you don’t notice any changes, you can move up from there trying warmer, thicker socks.





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