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How Healthy Is Coffee?


Apparently, quite healthy! This according to a recent study that involved almost 20,000 participants that were regular coffee drinkers, consuming about four cups each day. As per the research, those who did drink a minimum of four cups daily decreased their risk of early death versus those who didn’t drink or rarely consume the lovely brewed bevvy.

In fact, the reduction in risk when it came to coffee was far more tremendous when individuals hit the age of 45, and it was suggested that coffee consumption becomes more beneficial as individuals age. In fact, this study went hand-in-hand with results of another study that revealed coffee drinkers seem to live longer lives, whether they drink regular coffee or decaf. It also has been revealed in past studies that it reduces risks around other illnesses, such as: liver disease, type 2 diabetes, colorectal cancer, skin cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

CNN advised that A National Coffee Association spokesperson recently chimed in on this discussion stating that the beverage has tons of antioxidants, with many simply found organically within the coffee bean. The other antioxidants develop during roasting process.

Still, while it may help with longevity for some, individuals in certain demographics need to consume coffee with caution. A fine example is pregnant women, who need to limit caffeinated coffee intake while carry their babies. Additionally, those with heart conditions need to watch their limit when it comes to caffeinated coffee as it can accelerate and aggravate an individual’s heart rate. As well, coffee is not recommended for children under age of 18.

What about those who are thinking about reaching for decaf coffee to enjoy their favorite warm beverage, but try and avoid the risks around caffeine? It’s important to remember that decaf coffee still contains some caffeine, in fact, for an eight-ounce cup of coffee, individuals still consume around two to seven milligrams of caffeine.

Still, if you are not in any of the demographic groups above … it’s time to drink up, buttercup! Not only for your health, but coffee can make the longest of work days seem bearable!





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