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Is it Healthy to Sleep At Night With A Fan On?


No, you’re not misreading that, we realize that it’s the winter season, but millions of people sleep peacefully away at night with a fan blowing on them each night, regardless of the season. For some, it’s a comforting background noise, and for others, it’s a way to keep the room at a cool temperature that helps one rest. How you find your best bedtime routine is very personal, but is this co-sleeping with a fan really healthy for you?

According to a recent article published on The Sleep Judge, it advises that those who may be claustrophobic, or hot sleepers would benefit from using a fan at night, and those who suffer from ailments like asthma, or allergies should definitely not use a fan. Since using a fan can produce dryness, it’s also not recommended for those with dry skin or those prone to suffering from dry eyes.

Most pediatrician don’t advise incorporating a fan into your little one’s sleeping routine, as it can cause them to be too cold at night, and if the fan isn’t a ceiling fan, many children can be a little too curious to stick fingers and small toys into the fan, causing a safety threat. The same theory about being too cold at night can be said for senior citizens as well, because they tend to have difficulty regulating their body temperature, and if it’s too frigid they can wake up incredibly sore.

If you happen to be someone that uses a fan at night purely for the noise it makes, you can alternatively check out some of the many sleep apps available to use via your smartphone, or tablet. They’ve come up with excellent background noise options such as listening to a crackling fireplace, birds lightly chirping, or a relaxing ocean wave to encourage peaceful sleep without the fan.





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