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Are The Holiday Season Blues A Real Threat?


It seems to start irking up sooner and sooner each year with millions of people eager to hang those holiday lights outside, and start their gift shopping; but perhaps the festive season of togetherness isn’t so welcomed by all.

The holidays is to embody peace, joy, and inclusion of thy neighbor, and often it brings along additional side effects that can prevent some from enjoying the entire season from Thanksgiving through ringing in the new year. In a recent piece published by Magic Valley, several often overlooked points regarding the differences in the routine of the holiday season versus a normal, less eventful month can bring on a heavy stress load for millions. During this time of year it can be financially draining trying to keep up with the gift purchasing, the family outings, or having to travel out of town to visit with family. Many don’t have a routine of family traditions or meals to attend to and this can be unsettling and result in a battle with loneliness that their coworkers or friends don’t quite understand.

Add in the changing of having less daylight hours, potentially consuming more cocktails during this time, and having time off of work not really knowing how to spend your day, and you can see why so many could have a struggle on their hands.

Mental health experts reveal that it’s a best practice to have a plan in the weeks prior to the busy season approaching. A plan of where to spend your time so that you avoid any overwhelming spats of loneliness, or to make travel plans and go venture off somewhere that sparks your interest. This would provide you with an experience to relate the holidays to going forward and give you something to look forward to in years coming. Each year you could visit a new city and create a totally new holiday tradition that’s all your own!





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