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What is All the Hype with Eating an Alkaline Diet?


Certainly by now you’ve heard about the alkaline diet method that is sweeping the globe, right? Many feel that it strongly benefits cancer patients, but it is rumored to be just as beneficial for those that aren’t necessarily sick.

What does eating an alkaline diet really involve? The purpose of eating this way is to consume acidic foods and beverages as much as possible to achieve a balanced pH level. pH is the power of hydrogen within the body, and when yours is out of control, it can result in poor health. Feeling tired all the time, bloated, irritable or pain anywhere in the body can all be as a result of your pH. The scale in which it is measured by goes from 0-14. If you fall around the lower end of the scale, then you are very acidic. If you fall higher on the scale toward 14, then you’re more alkaline. A score of 7 being a neutral mark that should be aimed for.

It isn’t just strictly about diet either, as many experts believe that if you also live with a lot of stress in your life that too can result in a poor pH level. When your body experiences stress, it causes your acid to secrete in your stomach. Most don’t hold that part of their lifestyles accountable for having a well-balanced pH level, but it is so imperative to keep up your health and fitness routines, and eat a healthy diet.

Curious to know what your pH level is? No problem! You can purchase litmus testing papers for relatively cheap prices; typically around six or seven dollars. Testing is considered most accurate in the morning, to use the papers prior to consuming any food or drinks. It will give you some range as to where you lie within the alkaline scale so that you could adjust your diet accordingly.

Yahoo reported on this very topic, including a few examples of what foods you might want to start eating more of to encourage your alkaline levels. Green foods are key, with examples such as kale, broccoli, cucumbers, and celery ranking high on the list. Drinking lemon water every day is also a great idea, and investing time each week in meal planning can truly change your health.





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