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What Is All The Hype About Rose Water?


You can’t walk past a makeup aisle without seeing several products that contain rose water, but why the sudden surge of rose water in everything? The great thing about using rose infused water is that it can be beneficial for those with any type of skin. As NDTV recently reveled even oily skin patients usually have the most struggles trying to use new products on their face as they tend to break out so much easier than any other type of skin.

While rose water may have just made a huge impact on the beauty world, it has been used since the Cleopatra days as one of her beloved skincare routines. It’s great for your skin, your hair, and even your digestion challenges! It can also be used to cure many ailments such as headaches, or inflammation. I think the trick is to find a rose product that is vegan, or free of chemicals so that you can even use the water on your little ones for any of their skin problems.

You can find rose water products in any drug store, and it’s relatively inexpensive to buy. Often in the beauty product world we ladies find a product that we adore, but it’s so expensive that we can’t continue to use it all year long and such isn’t the case with rose water. You can even make it home if you like! You can find simple instructions here.

Just by incorporating a little dab of rose water here and there you could be rejuvenating your skin with very minimal effort. Some women carry it around in their purse to use it midday for a tiny pick me up for their face. Take your skincare up a notch or two and pair your rose water routine up with drinking plenty of water and getting adequate sleep.





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