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The Impact of Marijuana on Your Children


With all the talks and actions in regards to legalizing marijuana across the country it leaves a lot of questions regarding our future especially when it comes to our children and their safety. Right now there are over 300 million marijuana users in the world, that’s an astronomical number. Marijuana is of course an addictive substance and research shows that 1 in every 6 kids that try marijuana get addicted to it.

The problem them of course with legalizing marijuana is that our children have easier access to it. The greater the access the more risk involved for our children and now it becomes a safety risk for them. Legalizing marijuana makes victims out of our children and it can screw up everything in life for them, not only with school but in everyday life. The truth of the matter is that when we legalize marijuana we are experimenting on the lives of all of our young people. So imagine the future generations that are going to come out after having used marijuana as children. The future unfortunately doesn’t look bright.

Many people don’t realize the harm that marijuana has on children. It’s very different from an adult using it. And kids are even more clueless. 60% of children have no idea that there are harmless elements to using marijuana.

Marijuana impacts the developing brain of a child, which all things considered is terrible news. Krista Lisdahl, the director of brain imaging & neuropsychology lab at the University of Wisconsin states that “it’s the absolute worst time to smoke marijuana.”

So why is it? When a child smokes marijuana it effects their brain at a time when the brain is still developing. They can experience huge loss of memory as well as an inability to control their emotions.

A child’s brain absorbs marijuana differently than an adult brain does and therefor has more harmful effects to it. It can affect their school work as well as their future life in general. It may become difficult for the child to concentrate or react properly with physical activity and it can impact their GPA because they can’t seem to remember any of the information found on the test.

“It’s not rocket science to think that if you smoke weed when your brain is developing, that it can’t be “good” for you, just like any toxic substance isn’t good for you,” Dr. Gregory Tau, a psychiatrist and drug researcher at Columbia University stated.

So how do we save out children? Stop promoting the legalization of marijuana for one and make sure your children at least are education on the affects and what it could do to the future they want for themselves.





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