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The Incredible Importance Of Having A Tapering Off Schedule For Many Medications


We live in a world of wanting everything instantly, from money to fame, to not even wanting to cope with normal everyday aches and pains in a natural state before reaching for the medicine cabinet to seek relief. This instant need for contentment is one of the reasons why millions are suffering with an opiate addiction across the world. You go to the doctor, tell them you are having pain symptoms and they give you some form of medication to assist with the pain. Within a few weeks or even days, some can become addicted to the feeling of not living with pain. No one wants to cope with pain, but feeling pain is a normal human experience. Those that overuse medications have a truly hard time dealing with something like a random headache after living with strong pain meds for many years.

Maybe its time you got off the prescription med routine, so you decide to simply stop taking the pills and hope for the best. Within days, or even hours some experience serious withdrawal symptoms so badly that they can’t function and feel incredibly sick. It’s this transitional period that forces so many to continue using their medications purely due to the uncomfortableness they experience trying to not take their medications. This is exactly why you need a tapering off schedule from your medical provider.

By tapering off the medication, you’re not quitting the routine cold turkey and causing your body to go into a state of withdrawal. Decreasing your daily meds by one or two pills per day until you aren’t taking them anymore is one way to combat the problem. It gives the brain just a little dose of the medication to slowly and safely get back to not needing to go to the pharmacy anymore.

Something else to consider that has worked for many is the use of marijuana to stop the transitional period altogether. Ohio for instance is considering this very option by incorporating medical marijuana for patients in this situation. The scary part about staying on the prescription trail so long is that many end up on the street buying illegal drugs just to feel better, then overdosing. Take the safe approach is you are someone that can live without your meds, and start by talking to your doctor to get you on a plan of healing your pain in a more natural state.





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