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India Hospital Fires 2 Doctors For Declaring Breathing Baby Dead


Two doctors have recently been fired from a hospital in India for declaring a baby boy dead shortly after birth.

Shalimar Bagh’s Max Super Specialty Hospital in New Delhi fired the two doctors after a newborn was declared dead two hours after being born. He was part of a set of twins where the female was stillborn. The baby’s mom and dad were on route to a cremation ground when they realized there was some movement within the polythene bags where the babies’ bodies were located. When they opened the bag, they found their infant boy breathing, much to shock and delight.

The hospital had relayed via a statement that the baby boy was handed over by hospital staff without any signs of life. As per a statement by Delhi New Born Centre’s Dr. Sandeep Gupta, a doctor at the new facility where the baby is getting treatment, the child is currently in critical condition.

Gupta has stated that the infant is on nutrition support, ventilator support, as well as additional support systems. The doctor added that his condition is quite serious, and the hospital staff is managing to keep his vitals up at the moment.

CNN advised that the healthcare center that fired the two doctors released a statement that went on to say that their choice to let the doctors go is not an indication of admission of guilt around the situation. They clarified that the dismissal of the two doctors is the facility’s expression around remaining committed to offering quality healthcare.

An external experts’ group has launched an investigation that should be wrapped up within the week. Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi’s Chief Minister, posted on Twitter stating that officials plan to take the strongest action possible if an individual is found at fault around this situation.





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