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Intervention Show Spreads Awareness On The Dangerous Hand Sanitizer Trend


When you think of hand sanitizer, you probably don’t remotely relate it anything dangerous, right? Well, not in 2017, as more and more television shows are spreading the news that even the most harmless product kept in your home can be a threat if not used accordingly. Most parents have multiple bottles of hand sanitizer laying around in the car and the house. Never would they presume that their kids could potentially use sanitizer as a means to become intoxicated, but low and behold, it’s the newest addictive trend.

On the TLC hit show, Intervention, the producers highlighted a man who was a self admitted alcoholic, and began to improvise his dark habits with hand sanitizer. Why would anyone want to drink sanitizer? It packs a powerful punch over its counterparts, it’s extremely affordable, and probably the biggest draw; it’s not something anyone around you suspects would ever be an addictive substance. You wouldn’t think much of a teenager having hand sanitizer in their car, or backpack, which makes it so dangerous because parents aren’t aware of the slippery slope their kids could be involved with.

The risks associated with hand sanitizer consumption are incredibly high, including alcohol poisoning, organ failure, and death. The Poison Control Center reported that thousands of reports of hand sanitizer health cases are reported each year, and that they continue to see a rise in them each month. Mostly teenagers are falling victim to this trend, as they aren’t old enough to purchase alcohol legally, and certainly don’t have the funds to do so as much as they would like to be intoxicated. Buying hand sanitizer though, is much cheaper for them, and often leads to a trip to the emergency room.

If you are a parent, does this mean you now have to hide all bottles of hand sanitizer in your home? Probably not, as if you go into any school any office environment lately, you’ll likely come across sanitizer on a desk free for the taking. Experts say the best plan of action is to talk to your kids about the dangers of using sanitizer, and how quickly this bad idea to gain a quick buzz can turn fatal.





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