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Iowa Confirms Case of Canine Brucellosis; Is Your Dog Getting You Sick?


You love your dog like he or she is one of your children, and just like human little ones can develop illnesses your furry kids can as well. When your pet is noticeably sick you often want to provide them with lots of affection to help them get well, but could your interaction with them result in you also getting sick?

In a recent story published by, there’s confirmation of a recent case of canine brucellosis in the state of Iowa. The Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship revealed this on Friday advising that this ailment can be transferred from dogs to humans quite easily. The bacteria is something that typically infects dogs, but it can be seen in humans now as a result of somehow being in direct contact with fluids (reproductive ones to be exact) is how the infected animal contaminates their beloved human owners. It’s also been found that humans can contract this illness by breathing in even aerosol particles or droplets of the dog’s infected fluids. These can also be contracted from breaks in the dog’s skin as well, so please be cautious around your furry loved ones if they appear to be sick.

As a best measure, always take them to the vet should they display any symptoms of being generally unwell. Some warning signs to look out for are lethargy, trouble walking, back challenges, swollen lymph nodes, and so on it is likely time to have them medically evaluated. Unfortunately, in many dogs this condition cannot be cured as antibiotics alone haven’t had the strength to eradicate the illness, which is why it is so imperative to stay on top of your pet’s health. At the first signs of feeling under the weather please have your pet checked out to avoid any serious illnesses such as this from developing any further.





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