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Japanese Moms Making News Over Low Weight Gain During Pregnancy


Ah being pregnant. A time when women can finally eat whatever they want, and not worry about calories, right? Perhaps, for some, but for many expecting Mothers in Japan, such is not always the case.

Japanese women have felt an immense sense of pressure to stay fit, and thin all of their lives. Whether they are pregnant or not, the pressure remains. In the United States for instance, Mothers are encouraged to gain weight to ensure the overall health of the baby, but the desire to be so thin in Japan is starting to show extreme affects on the pregnant Mom’s kidneys.

A team of researchers with the Australian Monash University, and the Jikei University School of Medicine, have collectively discovered cases of hypertension, and kidney disease. Those that have a decreased number of nephrons, which filter the kidneys, suffer from health challenges. The pregnant women with higher blood pressure suffer from this even more frequently.

The overwhelming consensus was that the Asian female population living with hypertension are walking a very thin line between their own sense of vanity, and what’s best for their baby’s health.

Quartz Media released the study details, revealing that the Japanese have the second highest rate of chronic kidney disease in the entire world. One eighth of their population is living with some form of kidney disease. With high blood pressure coming in as one of leading reasons causing the condition.

The growing need to stay trim while pregnant is resulting low birth weights for Japanese newborns, and causing some infants to be born with serious illnesses that they may suffer from chronically for years to come. Health experts are warning pregnant women to strongly consider the dangers associated with poor nutritional habits during pregnancies, and hoping that they make the best health decisions for their babies.





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