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Jennifer Lopez Gives Great Advice on Self Love For Readers, And Her Children


Jennifer Lopez, or JLo as millions call her is no stranger to feeling exactly the way you and I do on a Friday night going through a entire closet of clothing feeling as if nothing fits properly. Even though you may be more familiar with the perfectly made up version that stuns on the red carpet, the latino beauty reveals that she too has the same challenges with confidence that every woman does.

Its so refreshing when you learn that a massive celebrity is deep down having to find their very own coping mechanisms for day to day tribulations. Jennifer went on to tell that when she starts to experience of low confidence, she quickly gets in some dancing time. She believes that it is the endorphin rush that helps her get right back in the game with unshakable confidence, as Jen feels that at her very core dancing is her specialty. Not a dancer? No problem, you can substitute the confidence building activity with anything that makes you feel good. Something that makes you tangibly witness your own strengths, like writing in a journal or creating a gorgeous painting out of nowhere. Once you get to stand back and appreciate what talents you have, the self love erupts.

Ms. Lopez has two children, twins that are ten years old and she is very aware that shortly they will have an insatiable craving for their own social media accounts like every other warm blooded teenager across the globe. How will she be able to maintain that parental structure and continue to provide her children with the confidence they need to tackle things like peer pressure, body shaming, or those merely wanting to attack them purely based on their economical status with a super famous Mother? Jennifer replies “Social media, it’s fun and social, but at the end of the day you’re living in real time, where you have a core group of friends and family.” She tries to get her daughter to focus on the things that matter such as being a good person, or friend.

It’s safe to say that Lopez will no doubt have children that will learn as they grow into teenagers the absolute price of fame, but she certainly doesn’t appear to be letting that hinder her parenting. It can be crucial for children to see their parents as strong, and successful. Two qualities most would agree that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony without question possess.





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