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Jimmy Kimmel’s Update On Son Spurs Another Health Debate


Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel offered an update on his infant son recently via Twitter, once again stirring up a debate about health care in the United States. Kimmel opened up about the health issues his newborn son faced about two months ago on his show, alerting his audience around his child’s heart condition. The tweet Kimmel posted recently was a photo of his adorable baby boy, where he stated that Billy, at three months, was doing ‘great’. He thanks fans for the support and love, but also encouraged that the public reach out to their Congress people to ensure every child gets the care his son received.

During Kimmel’s opening monologue, about a week after Billy was born, the talk show host revealed to the live and at-home audience that his baby seemed like a happy and normal infant at birth, until approximately three hours after he was born. Kimmel attributed an ‘attentive’ nurse at the hospital who noticed the child had a heart murmur. Kimmel would go on to say that this condition is common when it comes to newborns, but the nurse also noticed Billy was a tad purple, which isn’t so common.

Thanks to the nurse’s observations, the doctors discovered that Kimmel’s son had tetralogy of fallot, an uncommon heart disorder. Merely three days after entering this world, the infant had open-heart surgery. The operation went well, but as any parent out there can relate, Kimmel stated those three hours during the surgery were the longest of his life. He also noted that his son will probably have more surgeries throughout his lifetime, due to his heart condition.

CNN advised that after the update about Billy, Kimmel would go on to talk about healthcare in the U.S., moreover, the proposed cuts to the National Institutes of Health, as well Congress member negotiations. Kimmel added that prior to Obamacare, gaining health insurance for Billy may have been hard, due to the child’s heart condition seen as a pre-existing illness.

As Kimmel stated, if a child is going to die and doesn’t have to, it should not matter how much money you (as his parent/caregiver) makes. He went on to note that this is something we can all agree on, whether you are a Democrat or Republican.

While the monologue in itself stirred up some debate, as there were those who agreed with Kimmel, and some who did not, Kimmel’s recent tweet has now continued the conversation on healthcare and its state in America.





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