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Joanna Gaines From “Fixer Upper” Shares Her Secret To Maintaining That High Energy And Looking Great


It’s one of those long holiday weekends in North America; whether you’re Canadian celebrating Thanksgiving, or American, and have the day off in honor of Columbus Day, one popular pastime is binge watching television shows to unwind. One show that most would admit to watching for hours on end, is “Fixer Upper”, which stars Chip and Joanna Gaines; Texans who are revamping the cheapest houses in the nicest neighborhoods as they would say, and their fan base is ever growing as the days go by. The couple are parents to two sons, and two daughters, and are the proud owners of Magnolia Farms. While their home designs keep fans watching the show, another big draw is watching how simple, and organic they live their lives.

Joanna is a busy matriarch of her empire, and somehow, even after having four children, still looks like she’s in college. In a recent article in Good Housekeeping, she attributes her energy level, and her overall health, is her farm to table nutrition. Mrs. Gaines is certainly one to post gorgeous photos online of salads, or freshly roasted vegetables to keep motivating her fan base to choose wisely when eating the three meals a day.

While not all of us can have a farm at our disposal to walk outside and pick some fresh fruit, or grab freshly hatched eggs for breakfast; we can learn a lot from this couple when it comes to living healthy. Their children appear to still be able to be children, not famous kids of stars on television. They eat well, they work hard on a farm, and the family in general seems to have a rather rare connection to just sipping lemonade and spending time together on a hot summer day. Which in 2017, is something to be proud of. Eating healthy, taking time out to enjoy the small things, and putting in a hard day’s work certainly look to be paying off for the Gaines crew. Maybe this long weekend you’ll unplug for the day, or take your children out to enjoy some fresh air, or make a run to the local farmer’s market and try the fresh food farm to table dinner to see if it’s just what you’re missing?





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