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Kate Hudson Reiterates The Importance of Positive Coparenting


It’s 2019, and gone are the days of people going through divorce and the kids suffering emotionally as a result. Well, we hope those situations are in the past for the millions of children around the globe living in a single parent home. It truly takes a village to raise a child, and whether you realize it or not, your kids observe (very closely) your every move. Especially where relationships are concerned; how you treat their Mother or Father is one of the most influencing relations they will ever receive from you during their childhood.

Kate Hudson, now Mother of 3, is taking this very seriously. Her athletic apparel line “Fabletics” has exploded over the last few years, as well as her lengthy film career making her one busy Mama. She has a 15 year old son named Ryder who she shares with Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes band. Then there’s Bingham, her 7 year old son she shares with Matt Bellamy who’s from the band Muse, and recently she gave birth to her daughter Rani with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa. Kate gets the importance of having her sons spend lots of time with their Fathers, and even has reported to US Weekly that her brother Oliver Hudson takes part in spending “Uncle” time with his nephews. Just as boys need a solid male role model during those teen years, the girls do as well with a strong female to emulate in their lives.

Co Parenting can be a trying experience at first, in particular after a bad breakup when one person was hurt by the other. It can take time to move onward with raising your children this way, but it is the most meaningful thing you can do for them. Counseling can also help if you and your ex are not on great speaking terms, so look into whatever option may work best for you both going forward.


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