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How To Keep Your Dog Safe From The Thanksgiving Feast


It’s getting closer to the Thanksgiving holiday, and that means seeing family, friends, and enjoying quite possibly the best meal you sink your fork into all year long. With all that joy comes the strong desire to want to share the feast with your favorite furry child, your beloved family dog. According to the Consumer Affairs website, as harmless as this may seem, there are actually a plethora of dangerous foods served during the coveted family meal that can cause severe health challenges for your dog that you must beware of before handing them some treats from the table ends in a trip to the emergency vet clinic!

Thanksgiving has many foods available that can cause havoc on your pets, sugary ones like chocolate that can be heavily displayed during the holidays. Having too much sugar can be toxic or cause organ failure to not only dogs, but cats as well. When you have the urge to give your dog some of those leftover bones from turkey, you may want to reconsider as they can easily splinter and result in challenges such as cuts in the mouth, or a blockage occurring inside the stomach somewhere; all of which you totally want to avoid happening to your beloved pet.

Some additional points to review prior to the big day for extra precaution:

  • Advise any Thanksgiving guests to not feed your pets
  • Feed the pets prior to having the big meal, to avoid any additional temptation
  • Keep plenty of pet friendly foods or snacks nearby so that there are better choices around

If at any point, you feel that your pet has ingested something that they shouldn’t have, please take them to a vet immediately, or at least call your vet to walk you through some preliminary steps and keep your pet safe.





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