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Are Your Kids Really Getting Anything From Their Daily Vitamins


All parents are seeking for their kids to be healthy and receive ideal nutrition for optimal growth and development, which is why millions of them give their children vitamins each day. The little one pops a vitamin with their breakfast, and then Mom or Dad feel somewhat good about giving their kiddos the right start to the day; but are the vitamins really helping?

Just two years ago, there were studies conducted by Kaiser Permanente that revealed that the manufacturers were not capsuling the same amount of vitamin D in each supplement. Some had only 9%, some had as much as 146%, and tons fell in between those two percentages reflecting a huge inadequacy where these were being created. Keep in mind, all of these pills were in the same bottle, this wasn’t a roller coaster of vitamin levels throughout several bottles, making the point even more clear that we aren’t always putting what we think we are into our bodies.

Of course, this type of inconsistency with the production of vitamins can lead to much more severe reactions such as a previous case where seven kids who were all under the age of four years old, were all found to have too much vitamin D in their systems due to taking a simple supplement. Newsweek reports these children in the case were taking fish oil pills, but during a mix up they contained 4,000 times the normal level of vitamin D. Thankfully, they all recovered with minor side effects, but the point still remains that this could be potentially serious.

Probiotics, vitamins, and several supplements can be useful in a child’s diet, as the CDC reports that a whopping 93% of children are not getting anywhere near the amount of vegetables they should be each day. So, to wrap the lesson up, vitamins can be very good for kids if they are regulated properly and have the correct amount of the daily required vitamins in them. Also, look for the USP stamp of approval for an even further layer of protection. You should also purchase ones that aren’t loaded with sugar, glucose syrup, or other unhealthy additives. For children with dietary restrictions or vegetarians, a daily dose of vitamins goes a long way.





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