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Kids That Snore Could be Suffering From Serious Health Challenges


Does your child snore louder than most grown men? This often comical sleeping habit can certainly be noisy in the evenings, but is there a health concern involved with pediatric snoring as well? A researcher from the University of Gothenburg located in Sweden advises that kids who snore are often susceptible to developmental challenges down the road.

Gothenburg researched this very topic, and his findings were conclusive in learning abilities as well as concentration levels. Kids who don’t sleep properly at night obviously have a harder time getting through the following day. For the thousands of children who go to bed at regular times each night and actually sleep, they may never realize that their snoring is holding back their learning achievements. If your child also suffers from breathing problems, such as asthma, or sleep apnea, they too are prone to finding trouble reaching their fullest learning potential in school.

Some other problems that can develop as a result of pediatric snoring are –

  1. Bedwetting
  2. Delayed potty training
  3. Daytime tiredness
  4. Headaches
  5. Weight gain
  6. Decreased physical growth

Millions of children have their tonsils or adenoids removed surgically, due to excessive snoring. This has been proven to help in many patients, but sadly, tons of parents are totally unaware that their child needs their tonsils removed. Most actually aren’t even aware that snoring is an indication of a further health issue. These children don’t have the same quality of life as other kids that don’t suffer from snoring. They are often too tired to get through their workload or sports activities, and often get disciplined for not keeping up to speed, which is unfair when snoring is to blame.

NDTV reports that if your son or daughter snores every so often, or even once a week, as they don’t usually pose as a victim of snoring difficulties. If your child does snore often, such as 5 days a week, then it is justified to have it checked into to insure they don’t suffer from other underlying problems.






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