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Is Your Kid’s YouTube Habit Bad For Them?


In 2019 if you’re a parent, odds are you have had your fair share of watching YouTube videos next to your children. For some it’s already been a banned activity in their home as they just don’t feel as if their children are protected while using the app. The question still remains, is your child safe while using YouTube?

If you’re wondering what the potential hazard can be having a little viewing their favorite channels, here are just a few examples:

– The child can end up on a channel that has explicit language, or content that isn’t acceptable for young ones to watch

– The child can still view advertisements that many parents feel aren’t child friendly

– The child can learn bad habits, or watch a channel that shows kids doing hazardous, popular social media challenges

– The child can end up having contact with strangers through the messaging portion of their channel, or the comments section

– Many children are uploading videos and perpetrators are using the comments section to interact with the minors in an explicative manner

According to The Verge, YouTube also isn’t changing their “recommendations’ section any time soon, which can also pose problems. Many young children go to this section and view all of the videos that YouTube finds as recommendations for them based on their search and prior viewing history. This can be a slippery slope as tons of videos may come up that you don’t feel are appropriate for your son or daughter to watch.

The best practice here is to always monitor what your child is watching if you want them to have the ability to still use YouTube. Just as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat can be inappropriate for many children and even teenagers, YouTube will never be a totally foolproof vehicle for video watching either. Millions of kids use the version for kids, and have no issues with the content that pops up or the ads that are seen in each video. Talk with your children about what’s permitted in their viewing and what isn’t before letting them run away with a tablet for YouTube watching. If you wish to take it a step further you can also go into the settings on their device and ensure that nothing inappropriate can be seen.





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