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How Do You Know When Not To Send Your Child To School Due To Illness?


You would think most parents can quickly tell if their child should be attending school on any particular day or not just by looking at them, but there are many factors now that can play a role in whether or not sending them for the day is a great idea.

For instance, there are much more rules placed upon parents in 2018 for attendance guidelines. If your child misses a certain amount of days of school, in some states, the parents can be fined, charged, or in serious trouble for not having their children in school the targeted amount of days. Now, do keep in mind, if your child is suffering a serious illness, or just had bad luck with random health issues, if they have documentation from a doctor’s office, do take that paperwork to the school to avoid any attendance issues.

According to, some guidelines to stick to that doctors recommend keeping the kiddos at home if the following apply:

– A fever is present
– Vomiting is occurring
– The child is exhausted, too tired to focus on studies, sleeping basically sitting up
– Nasal drainage
– Diarrhea

Or anything else that just, plain seems out of the ordinary, or too much for your child to deal with during a full day at school. As parents, you can rest assured knowing that you know what’s best for your schooler. If attendance becomes problematic after your kiddo has suffered a few illnesses in one school year, always consult with the teacher, the school nurse, or the principal before losing sight of many days absent and having to fight against the consequences. Most school administrators are pretty understanding, and some sicknesses you just can’t prevent that your son or daughter may have endured. Work as a team to get the missed days resolved, and keep plenty of Vitamin C around, and lots of fluids pumping into your children to keep them as healthy as possible!





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