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Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine According to Neuroscience


Got a nervous giggle? Are you the focus of the room when you start laughing and can’t stop? Consider yourself in great health if so, as Sophie Scott of the University College London explains that laughter has incredible effects on the human brain that are worth your giggles.

PRI reported that Scott remarked that laughing “seems to completely overwhelm your motor system” and that it is slightly sinister for literally “squeezing the air out of you”.

Sophie is a cognitive neuroscientist that believes the art of laughing is much more complex than most are aware of. She has studied the differences between how the brain reacts to those laughing in a social situation, versus those with spontaneous laughter. She notes that kids as young as preschool ages such as 4 or 5 can easily crave the social understanding of laughter. By laughing with friends or peers, the brain senses that you like this person, that you enjoy their company, and that you would like to be in their presence. It’s certainly always fascinating to see how the brain interprets interactions with other people, and even in situations so small such as laughing.

Laughter has always received high praise in the medical field by many experts regarding the numerous other effects it can have on humans such as:

  1. Decreasing Stress
  2. Increasing Your Immunity
  3. Lowering Depression Susceptibility
  4. Temporarily Relieving Pain by Releasing Endorphin’s

These are just a tiny few ways that laughing can really help your health mentally and physically. Worried that you don’t come into contact with enough people to get your giggling in on a regular basis? No problem, with the help of streaming some Netflix comedies, or stopping by your local comedy club you can get your fix pretty easily. Even YouTube has millions of hilarious videos that you can watch for free just by typing “funny dog videos” or whatever you enjoy laughing at. Try to get some laughter in during the work day and see if you too notice a change in your mindset for the rest of the day.





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