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Learning Healthy Habits Early, As Gardening Now Taught in Many Schools


It’s amazing how differently children are taught now in schools in 2017, then in past years isn’t it? Not just their unbelievable ability to use computers, or smart devices, but it seems that while they are getting more advanced in technology, they are lacking in day to day basic skills. Many school districts around the country started to take notice of exactly this, and implemented various programs in schools where kids can learn skills in cooking, sewing, and gardening.

Many adults over the age of 35 probably has Home Economics in high school where they could learn some of these basic skills, but sadly, many schools have gone away with these classes, and it was time to bring them back. Gardening, specifically, has been noted as a hobby that can be a way to relax, and learn so much about the environment, and where your food supply come from. All very crucial topics for children to learn.

A recent story in Greater Kashmir reported the importance of teaching skills such as gardening to millions of students that reside in the city inside apartment buildings, and don’t have the ability to enjoy a backyard full of gardening. That millions of children also are being raised on foods that are over processed, and not grown in an organic fashion.

Many school administrators are in favor of gardening as it helps teach pupils the value of eating fresh foods, along with showing them first hand that they can grow their own food supply of they wish. With so many children fighting cases of obesity, this is a very crucial lesson for millions of kids. Experts agree that continuing the learning curve on food at home is just as important. That parents that set the tone by eating healthy often have children that enjoy snacking on fresh fruits and vegetables as well. Keep up the great work, and let the kids get involved with making meals with you to really encourage their interest in healthy eating and gardening!





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